Donostia / San Sebastián

Past, present and future

What’s not to love in this majestic city on the coast of the Bay of Biscay? San Sebastian, Donostia in Basque, boasts a round bay with crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, throughout history it has attracted people from all over the world in search of sun and sophistication. This is what made the city famous during the Belle Époque and the reason why Queen Regent Maria Cristina established her royal residence here during the summer. Evidence of this glamorous past can be seen even today in the magnificent architecture of the city which, in 1813, was razed to the ground by foreign troops.

The city

Unique cuisine, beautiful buildings, cultural festivals and white sand beaches. What more could you ask for? That’s San Sebastián, the perfect mix between what you want and what you need.

La Concha, known as one of the most beautiful urban beaches in the world, is encircled by an ornate white railing that has become a symbol of the city, along with the tamarind trees that link up with the smaller Ondarreta beach which is perfect for relaxing. Zurriola beach, however, is ideal for water activities and sports such as surfing.

Located between the two beaches is the Old Quarter, historic pedestrian precinct with… the highest concentration of bars in the world! Donostia/San Sebastián has captured the interest of the press due to its cuisine. 7 of the city’s restaurants hold a total of 15 Michelin stars. The city can boast having more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere else in the world. In addition to haute cuisine, the city’s bars and restaurants offer a delicious variety of fresh, local fare that will delight the most discerning palates.

Despite its small size (186,000 inhabitants) San Sebastián also hosts international events. The most famous of these is the San Sebastián International Film Festival.

Sporting Events

your room you can enjoy the spectacle of athletes crossing the finish line. The 20 km Behobia/San Sebastian race and the city Marathon, held during November, attracts thousands of runners from all around the world, while the Clasica San Sebastian brings together the best riders in the international peloton. If you would like to come during this dates we recommend that you book in advance to secure your reservation and, should you decide to run, you can enjoy a late check out so you can shower after the race.

The Anoeta stadium is just a 10 minute bus ride away. Buses stop at the Boulevard every 5 minutes, so you can go and support your team.

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