Bule Guesthouse

Belonging to Grupo Ostatu, which in addition to Pension Bule also includes Pensión Casa Nicolasa and Pensión Aldamar guest houses, all of which feature modern, beautifully maintained, clean accommodation in excellent locations that offer travellers of today everything they need to make their stay wonderful.

Enjoy the comfort of our beds and free services we offer such as coffee and tea machines, a welcome minibar, WIFI . You can also enjoy discounts at major attractions and reduced rates for parking your car.

The care in every detail and commitment to continuous improvement are the values by which we transmit our donostiarra hospitality.

Come over and meet us!

The Team

The experience that the visitor takes from our accommodation is the sum of many factors but, without doubt, one of the most important is the treatment and attention that our staff provide to each one of our customers.

Personalized, friendly care and always aimed at ensuring you get the best experience from your visit to San Sebastián.

Josu Quemada

The team veteran. Adventurer, welcoming and always ready to help. Excellent guide and inveterate traveller.

Roberto Sorazu

A lifetime dedicated to tourism. He knows half the planet and the other half he has dived. Attentive, friendly and helpful.

Jon Subijana

San Sebastian is his passion. He knows the city firsthand, his advice is invaluable. Communication expert. His social networks will ensnare you.

Sonia Fernandes

Event planner and Pintxo lover. Half French, half Portuguese but with Donostiarra soul. Chatty and a photography buff.

Unai Aguayo

Specializing in History, fluent in several languages. A perfect guide that will help you visit Gipuzkoa’s most emblematic villages and landmarks.